Specially selected teas for a strong blend, perfect
at any time of the day with or without milk.
Speciality Fairtrade Teas
Made using tea from the flood plains of the Brahmaputra Valley in the north-east of India, our Assam has a distinctive, rich and deep liquor with a strong malty character that comes across with or without milk.
Ceylon Earl Grey
Winner of a Gold Star at the ‘Great Taste Award 2012’, our Ceylon Earl Grey from Sri Lanka is rounded yet mellow, combining the distinctive flavour and taste of Ceylon black tea leaves with the familiar perfumed taste of Earl Grey. Enjoy with or without milk.
Grown on the east of the Central Rift Valley in Kenya, this tea is refreshing and full-flavoured with a bright coppery liquor. Take with or without milk to your own taste.
Fairtrade Green Teas
Sencha Green Tea
The renowned Sencha process yields a bright ginger yellow liquor with a crisp taste and sweet character. Best enjoyed without milk.
Sencha Green Tea
with Mint
Combining the delicate sweet taste of our steamed Sencha leaves with natural mint flavour and peppermint leaves, this tea tastes best without milk.
Sencha Green Tea
with Lemon
A crisp and refreshing taste created from the fine, sweet flavours of our steamed ‘Sencha’ leaves combined with natural lemon flavour. . Drink without milk to enjoy at its best.
White Tea
pure chinese white silvertip

Pure Chinese White Silvertip uses the rarest young leaves, delicately handled to protect their fine, sweet peachy taste. Experience the subtle flavours by drinking without milk.

Fairtrade Infusions
pure camomile
Naturally caffeine free, this mellow and soothing infusion, made from the finest camomile pollen heads should be enjoyed without milk.
pure peppermint
Made from 100% peppermint leaves, this delightful herbal infusion has a fresh taste and invigorating aroma. Naturally caffeine free and best enjoyed without milk.
cranberry, raspberry
& blueberry
A refreshing and fruity infusion giving a real burst of flavour. Naturally free from caffeine this tea tastes best without milk.
Fairtrade Coffee

Fairtrade Colombian Excelso coffee is silky and beautifully balanced with lively citrus notes. It has been medium roasted, bringing out its evocative aroma and full, rich flavour and making it suitable for enjoyment at any time of the day.